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The Gospel According To John (Lewis)

I’m 47. As I was growing up there would always be at this time of year the release of various songs and the annual scramble to become the Christmas Number 1 would commence. These days the Christmas number 1 seems to have become the domain of whoever the newly crowned X factor winner is and accordingly interest in this formally great prize has somewhat waned.

However, there is now another prize that has become the festive Holy Grail. Vast sums of money are ploughed into this pursuit. Corporate success for many retailers rests on the strength of their Christmas Television Advertisement.

John Lewis have always been the company that I have looked forward the most to seeing what their advert will be each year. Who can forget the little boy who couldn’t wait for Christmas to arrive so that he could give his present to his much loved parents?

This year’s advert is just as powerful. If you haven’t seen it, or even if you have, here is a link to watch it all over again…… Meet Monty!

So as the build up to the holiday season gathers pace, with presents to be bought, family arrangements to be made for meeting up, and maybe a school nativity performance to watch (if indeed they still exist at a school near you), is there a message that we the people of 2014 need to hear, understand and take strength from? What is the message that is being preached from the Gospel according to John (Lewis)?

To be honest, there are strong echoes from the Gospel of John that we read in the Bible….

A message that the world is ‘waiting for love’, that we ‘Don’t need to be alone’ and that there is something that can be described as ‘real love… Its real love’.

The Christmas story is a story of God’s Love.

The baby that was born that first Christmas was the supreme incarnation of love and just what the world was waiting for. God didn’t shout I love you from the big grandstand of heaven, instead through His Son Jesus, he came and pitched up on earth and made here his home. He then showed mankind through his life, his death and his resurrection what real love is.

So as we watch and listen to the Gospel according to John Lewis over these next few weeks, can I encourage a reading of the Gospel according to John as well…..

John 1 v14 says that ‘The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.’

John 3 v16 says ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’

If you feel that in your life that you are waiting for love, feeling a little alone and keen to explore a faith that is authentic and real then this Christmas why not include a church service as a part of your festive celebrations –