Total Thyroidectomy Video Diary – Julia Graham

On Tuesday, my wife Julia had a total thryroidectomy operation carried out at hospital. General anaesthetic followed by a night in recovery with one to one nursing.

Discharged home on Wednesday to commence what will be a fairly long road towards full recovery.

Julia is intending to do some regular video updates showing how the recovery unfolds.

Not BAFTA quality but a snap shot of what this operation is like and hopefully an encouragement to others who are about to undertake this or similar surgery.

Here are first two videos taken post surgery… Day 2 (Wednesday) and Day 4 (Thursday)

Be blessed and be a blessing…..


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  1. Thinking of you Julia – speedy recovery xxxx

  2. Praying for a complete recovery and feelings of wellness to flood your body. Love Tracy xx

  3. Well done Julia. You were looking fantastic when I saw you yesterday…..very inspirational! No doubt your voice will be getting stronger every day too, and soon this will all become a distant memory. Xx

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