The Apprentice – Join in and say together ‘Your Fired!’


The Apprentice 2016 starts tonight with a brand new crop of willing candidates all prepared to commit themselves to a series of tasks and business challenges hopeful of gaining the prize of setting up their new business alongside and under the tutorage of Lord Sugar.

Although, to be honest, we don’t watch to celebrate someone’s success do we? We all gather on our settees to watch and comment like Gogglebox commentators at their failures, errors, mistakes, back stabbing, blame deflections, excuses and wait expectantly for ultimately those immortal words ‘Your Fired!’

When did it become part of being truly British to see people strive to succeed only to participate in the ‘sport’ of knocking them down so that we might laugh at and even celebrate their failure?

Last week the popular media were filling their news feeds with comment on Sam Allardyce leaving the post of England Football Manager after just one game and 67 days in charge. The consensus is that he was at best naïve, some say inappropriate, that he displayed an error of judgement, and that he was greedy, corrupt, fraudulent… Dare I question whether people would say his actions were sinful?

Today’s news stories continue to look at the fallout from The Fake Sheikh, Mazher Mahmood and his impending custodial sentence. Falsifying evidence, entrapment, perverting the course of justice simply to create a story that wasn’t really there to be told. Something that seems to have crept into becoming accepted journalistic practise.

Did the Telegraph newspaper cover themselves in glory in setting up the Allardyce story? I don’t think so. Will anyone from the newspaper be held to account for their part in causing what could be viewed as unnecessary entrapment? Sam Allardyce didn’t carry himself well mind, but I must confess to having a sympathetic feeling towards him.

So, as I sit down later to watch The Apprentice, maybe I will do well to celebrate success and the achievements of the candidates rather than hurl comments like ‘Muppet’ at people who are striving to do their best.

Today I am mindful that within the Ten Commandments we might often forget No.9 – Do not testify falsely against my neighbour… In other words don’t lie and actually lets speak well of people and celebrate with them their successes instead of building someone up to then enjoy knocking them down.


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