Hi, I am John Graham and welcome to my blog pages..

I seek to share here, experiences, thoughts and observations from my life, my jobs, my faith and my Christian ministry. I hope that you might be encouraged, moved, entertained and inspired by some of the things that I write about. I believe that God loves every one of us and that the Jesus story is powerful and relevant in 2018. I hope that my outlook on life and faith is refreshing and helps others find a place where they too can make their peace with God.

I lead funerals as my full time ‘job’. I have now led nearly 3000 funeral services over the last 7 years. Every one of these was a huge privilege. To support families in their grieving and lead them through a service that honours the life of their loved family member or friend is a remarkable opportunity.
I love this ministry and am in no small way moved and transformed by it. I have cried often but also laughed and laughed at some of the conversations and things that I have seen and heard about.
Hopefully, some of these stories might make you cry and laugh as well.

Alongside this, I am the Pastor of West Watford Free Church. This is a congregation of about 50 people from a variety of backgrounds that do church together in the Holywell area of Watford. Prior to this I served at a breakfast church outreach congregation in Watford for a small percentage of the marginalised and vulnerable within our town. This congregation was made up of people who are either homeless, or might be alcohol dependant, or alternatively drug dependant, or battle with mental health issues or find themselves where they are simply lonely in their life… The Haven Congregation was a fun and unique type of church congregation.

I used to be Chaplain to Watford Football Club for over 10 years, spent 2 years training Police Officers, 1 year as a debt collector, 3 years running my own music agency, 8 years working in insurance as a motor accident claims handler and 12 years as a Children’s and Youth Minister in a Baptist Church in Watford.

I am married to Julia Graham who I love and laugh with very much. We have 6 children between us in our ‘blended family’. Dougie the Cockapoo dog has joined the family and is now 9 months old.

I have experienced lots – made far more mistakes than I should have done and have a catalogue of ‘epic fails’ in my history… But I also have a knowledge and testimony of a God who loves, forgives, restores and who despite my frailties and weaknesses has allowed me to play a part in bringing his Good News story into the lives of many. Long might this continue to happen!

So enjoy these comments and stories….
Laugh, cry, be blessed and be a blessing – but above everything might the Jesus story find a place of relevance in your life too….

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